Tips on How to Stay Organized While Doing a Nassau County Property Search

During a Nassau County property search, you may easily be impressed with the most attractive details of a home and underplay the essential things – an act that you may regret later on. Moreover, if you are visiting several open houses every weekend, it may be hard to keep everything organized.

Simplify your search process and set priorities at the onset so you can relax knowing that things are under control. Create a plan before going for it because this is perhaps the biggest purchase you would ever make in your life. We hope that this article can help you remain focused and organized while hunting for the right property.

PriorityMake a Priority List

Before viewing houses, make a note of all the things you want to have in your house, with the participation of everyone in your household. Then, pick the top five must-have features.

All kinds of captivating features can affect you when you begin your Nassau County property search, but having a priority list would help you stay on target.

Create a Comparison Chart

When you have viewed more than a dozen properties, it will not be easy to keep up with the features of each one. You can make it a bit easier by making a checklist or comparison chart that you can bring around to every property, and note down your remarks about it during or right after every visit.

Consider writing down comments on non-basics, such as the condition of the exterior and roof, storage space, landscaping, and natural light in every room. This chart can be your personal tool that you could review to help with your decision, but not exactly a replacement for the right home inspection.

Go Around and Have Fun

It may be hard to focus when you are excited to explore a property for the first time, so just go with it. Roam around and keep a mental note of your observations about the place. Then, when the excitement has subsided, it is a sign that you need to get to work.

Start Over Again

Start your home tour again from the front of the house, but this time, be ready with your pen and paper. When doing a tour for your Nassau County property search, look at the property like you were an inspector, instead of a potential buyer and of course, we will let you take your time.

Lay Out a Floor Plan

You do not have to be really good at drawing to create a simple floor plan on a piece of paper. Start with the front door – then draw boxes for the rooms and put a mark on windows, doors, openings/hallways, and stairways.

Request to Capture Photos and Videos

PhotosYour memory may quickly fade away, so if possible, create a floor plan and take photos and videos to have a backup. This would actually provide you with a full image of what the property looks like. As realtors, we may allow this to some extent, but the photos and videos should only be for personal use, so do not share them on any social media platform, or at least not until the property is yours.

Open the Closets and Cupboards

Your Nassau County property search should also involve checking the storage of the house. Proper storage is an important feature in determining the feel and look of the house. Keep notes on the number and sizes of closets and cupboards all through the house and do not hesitate to take a look inside. If they are completely full, it may mean that the property does not have enough storage space for its size.

Lift Up the Carpets

During busy open houses, this is something that you do not necessarily have to do, but if it is your second visit and you are seriously considering making an offer, you need to be fully aware of what you are taking on. Furniture and rugs can be used to cover a damaged floor area, so you need to peek under them. You can inform us about what you want to look at and we will assist you.

Visit at Different Times of Day

When you go back, ensure it is another time of day than the previous visit. At night, observe the atmosphere in your surroundings and the changes in lighting.

Imagine How You Will Use the Rooms

There may be a bedroom for guests, but it does not mean you cannot convert it to a gym, nursery, or an office. So, be imaginative when touring a house as part of your Nassau County property search.

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