The Ultimate Guides to Custom Label Pin

Custom label pins are remarkable items that are used to recognize achievement, as an appreciation for your employees, as an award and others. They are also used in fundraising events in church, school, organization and in other activities or promotions.

Custom Label PinLapel pins help you increase your company profit with less investment. Non-profit groups will appreciate how little an investment they need to get the huge returns that they want. If your company is always on a tight budget, giving away custom lapel pins is inexpensive way to market your products.

Hockey, baseball, softball and other sport teams proudly display their team pins, and most are willing to trade with anyone who will trade a pin back. When teams wear their trading pins, they feel proud. These pins help boost the team spirit of the players and their fans as well.

The Availability of Custom Label Pins

Lapel pins can be purchased in different styles, colors and sizes. They are usually used as awards, or to display which group you belong to. To make them unique and thus stand out, you can add different accessories to your lapel pins like spinners or danglers. Adding blinkers or glitter will make them more memorable to the user.

Trade show retailers usually use custom label pins to promote their products. When ordered in bulk, pins become a less costly giveaway item. Lapel pins normally last longer, thus your company will be remembered for many years to come. Why spend a lot on mailers and other marketing methods when, for about the cost of a stamp, you can give a freebie that the receiver can keep for many years?

Label Pin Accessories and Options


Blinker Pin Options

The blinker has small LED lights that blink. A small battery found at the pin’s backside powers the LEDs. The blinker has switch to turn on and off the lights to preserve power.

Collector Pin Bags

Retailers are now offering collector pin bags. Choose the company that offers the very best bags on the market, at the industry’s cheapest possible pricing. These collecting bags with premium quality are designed to last, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques that enable you to store up to 500 trading pins. Keep your valuable collections last longer by storing them in a collector pin bag. You can choose from red, blue and black.

Dangler Pin Options

The dangler trading pin is a two-piece pin connected by few small metal links. The vital part of the trading pin is the focus of the design while the dangler would support the main design or date. The baseball field with crossed bats in the background is the typical design. The name of the team and their mascot is also printed in the dangler. This could also be a glove, hanging or suspended from the bottom of the pin.

Glitter Pin Options

Glitters can be added on custom label pins and trading pins to provide the design that wow factor or extra pop. It is a shiny sparkly item that comes in different colors and while very attractive, it is a less costly alternative to the other moving pin options.

Slider Pin Options

The slider pins have a track or groove cut out from the main pin which enables a second smaller pin design to slide back and forth the groove. An ordinary baseball slider pin would have the baseball slide back and forth on the baseline or bat.

These pin accessories are offered online by most lapel pin retailers. If you prefer a specific accessory for your pins, make sure that you inform the retailer before making the final order.