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Have you heard about challenge coins? It is a medallion or a coin which signifies that you are a member of a particular organization. It is typically around the size of 1,5 to 2 inches in diameter and about 1/10-inch thick. The difference of challenge coins to other coins in the market is that it has different styles and sizes that vary wildly. Some are round, pentagon, eight sided, and many more sizes and shapes. The material that is being used in making challenge coins are different from one another depending on the organization’s emblem.

Our company is one of the professionals and experts in making custom and challenge coins. Of course, when it comes to challenge and custom coins, you really want the best. We are here to provide one-stop source for great custom and challenge coins in the market. We are excellent in giving the best customer service to our clients. We value our customers so they will be able to receive the best services we can offer.

custom coins aims to provide fast and creative challenge and custom coins. No matter what challenge coins you are looking for, is the best choice. We are known in supplying challenge coins to different government departments such as the branches of the U.S. Armed Services- Army, Navy, Air force, Marine and Coast Guards. We are also supplying the police and fire departments. The dedicated servants of our government have our challenge coins. We are also providing custom coins for corporate, company or organization around the world. Every detail about the logo or emblem of the organization will surely stand out through the custom coins.

We have custom military coins in our products list. Military coins were once dated back in World War I.

Until now, custom military coins still exist.With, you can order the best custom military coins no matter what Armed Service you belong. With these coins, people will see the integrity, bravery and the dedication of your service for men and women. Our custom military coins have different colors which include gold, silver, copper, black nickel or brass. Its edge designs can be cross-cut, wave-cut or rope.

Challenge CoinWe, from are also producing Police custom coins. We all know that our law enforcers are vital persons in our community. And with the custom coins from, our law enforcers will now can show more the commitment and dedication to their jobs. We are supplying custom and challenge coins in different U.S. military, as well as to law enforcement agencies. Specific units in police department, such as investigation department, S.W.A.T. Teams, detectives and other divisions can now be easy to distinguish with the help of They will have now the identity specific on their units and people will easily recognize their roles in law enforcement. We also have Fire department custom coins. Like the military and police coins, the commitment, integrity and dedication will now stand out in the crowd through these custom coins from is also making and producing corporate coins. It can be used to signify the membership in a particular organization or company, or it may also be used to recognize the achievement of an employee. People tend to appreciate and keep the recognition being given to them. Custom coin is a great idea to serve as a memory that his achievement was recognized by his employer.

In, what you see is what you get. You can view our site to see the coins pricing which depends on the number of your orders and its sizes in diameter. You can choose from different types of custom coins such as die struck, one side color, and both sides color coins. On our site, you can also view coin options pricing.

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Send us your ideas, your chosen coin shape, metal style and coin options. Right away you will get a fast feedback from us within 24 hours or less. Choose the best challenge coins together with the, and you will attain satisfaction on your custom coins.