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Have you heard about challenge coins? It is a medallion or a coin which signifies that you are a member of a particular organization. It is typically around the size of 1,5 to 2 inches in diameter and about 1/10-inch thick. The difference of challenge coins to other coins in the market is that it has different styles and sizes that vary wildly. Some are round, pentagon, eight sided, and many more sizes and shapes. The material that is being used in making challenge coins are different from one another depending on the organization’s emblem.

Our company is one of the professionals and experts in making custom and challenge coins. Of course, when it comes to challenge and custom coins, you really want the best. We are here to provide one-stop source for great custom and challenge coins in the market. We are excellent in giving the best customer service to our clients. We value our customers so they will be able to receive the best services we can offer.

custom coins aims to provide fast and creative challenge and custom coins. No matter what challenge coins you are looking for, is the best choice. We are known in supplying challenge coins to different government departments such as the branches of the U.S. Armed Services- Army, Navy, Air force, Marine and Coast Guards. We are also supplying the police and fire departments. The dedicated servants of our government have our challenge coins. We are also providing custom coins for corporate, company or organization around the world. Every detail about the logo or emblem of the organization will surely stand out through the custom coins.

We have custom military coins in our products list. Military coins were once dated back in World War I.

Until now, custom military coins still exist.With, you can order the best custom military coins no matter what Armed Service you belong. With these coins, people will see the integrity, bravery and the dedication of your service for men and women. Our custom military coins have different colors which include gold, silver, copper, black nickel or brass. Its edge designs can be cross-cut, wave-cut or rope.

Challenge CoinWe, from are also producing Police custom coins. We all know that our law enforcers are vital persons in our community. And with the custom coins from, our law enforcers will now can show more the commitment and dedication to their jobs. We are supplying custom and challenge coins in different U.S. military, as well as to law enforcement agencies. Specific units in police department, such as investigation department, S.W.A.T. Teams, detectives and other divisions can now be easy to distinguish with the help of They will have now the identity specific on their units and people will easily recognize their roles in law enforcement. We also have Fire department custom coins. Like the military and police coins, the commitment, integrity and dedication will now stand out in the crowd through these custom coins from is also making and producing corporate coins. It can be used to signify the membership in a particular organization or company, or it may also be used to recognize the achievement of an employee. People tend to appreciate and keep the recognition being given to them. Custom coin is a great idea to serve as a memory that his achievement was recognized by his employer.

In, what you see is what you get. You can view our site to see the coins pricing which depends on the number of your orders and its sizes in diameter. You can choose from different types of custom coins such as die struck, one side color, and both sides color coins. On our site, you can also view coin options pricing.

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Send us your ideas, your chosen coin shape, metal style and coin options. Right away you will get a fast feedback from us within 24 hours or less. Choose the best challenge coins together with the, and you will attain satisfaction on your custom coins.

Tips on How to Stay Organized While Doing a Nassau County Property Search

During a Nassau County property search, you may easily be impressed with the most attractive details of a home and underplay the essential things – an act that you may regret later on. Moreover, if you are visiting several open houses every weekend, it may be hard to keep everything organized.

Simplify your search process and set priorities at the onset so you can relax knowing that things are under control. Create a plan before going for it because this is perhaps the biggest purchase you would ever make in your life. We hope that this article can help you remain focused and organized while hunting for the right property.

PriorityMake a Priority List

Before viewing houses, make a note of all the things you want to have in your house, with the participation of everyone in your household. Then, pick the top five must-have features.

All kinds of captivating features can affect you when you begin your Nassau County property search, but having a priority list would help you stay on target.

Create a Comparison Chart

When you have viewed more than a dozen properties, it will not be easy to keep up with the features of each one. You can make it a bit easier by making a checklist or comparison chart that you can bring around to every property, and note down your remarks about it during or right after every visit.

Consider writing down comments on non-basics, such as the condition of the exterior and roof, storage space, landscaping, and natural light in every room. This chart can be your personal tool that you could review to help with your decision, but not exactly a replacement for the right home inspection.

Go Around and Have Fun

It may be hard to focus when you are excited to explore a property for the first time, so just go with it. Roam around and keep a mental note of your observations about the place. Then, when the excitement has subsided, it is a sign that you need to get to work.

Start Over Again

Start your home tour again from the front of the house, but this time, be ready with your pen and paper. When doing a tour for your Nassau County property search, look at the property like you were an inspector, instead of a potential buyer and of course, we will let you take your time.

Lay Out a Floor Plan

You do not have to be really good at drawing to create a simple floor plan on a piece of paper. Start with the front door – then draw boxes for the rooms and put a mark on windows, doors, openings/hallways, and stairways.

Request to Capture Photos and Videos

PhotosYour memory may quickly fade away, so if possible, create a floor plan and take photos and videos to have a backup. This would actually provide you with a full image of what the property looks like. As realtors, we may allow this to some extent, but the photos and videos should only be for personal use, so do not share them on any social media platform, or at least not until the property is yours.

Open the Closets and Cupboards

Your Nassau County property search should also involve checking the storage of the house. Proper storage is an important feature in determining the feel and look of the house. Keep notes on the number and sizes of closets and cupboards all through the house and do not hesitate to take a look inside. If they are completely full, it may mean that the property does not have enough storage space for its size.

Lift Up the Carpets

During busy open houses, this is something that you do not necessarily have to do, but if it is your second visit and you are seriously considering making an offer, you need to be fully aware of what you are taking on. Furniture and rugs can be used to cover a damaged floor area, so you need to peek under them. You can inform us about what you want to look at and we will assist you.

Visit at Different Times of Day

When you go back, ensure it is another time of day than the previous visit. At night, observe the atmosphere in your surroundings and the changes in lighting.

Imagine How You Will Use the Rooms

There may be a bedroom for guests, but it does not mean you cannot convert it to a gym, nursery, or an office. So, be imaginative when touring a house as part of your Nassau County property search.

Safety Presentations will Save Lives

Every business that has ever existed has one goal: to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction can lead one’s company into having more customers in the future; thus, driving the company to success. Yet, there are many factors to consider if one wants to give a satisfactory service or product.

One of these many factors is safety. Safety, as defined by several businesses, is the freedom from danger, risk, threat, accident, or loss. However, it should be noted that such freedom does surpass the physical aspect. True it is that physical danger, risk, threat or loss should be avoided by all means but so does the psychological, emotional and mental. A company will most likely thrive if the customers it has would feel secure and sheltered from all disturbance that can be caused by the lack of safety.

Safety PresentationsThere are several safety presentations conducted by speakers that can be of help to one’s business. Examples of these presentations are talks about: Water Safety Hazards, Office Safety, Business Case for Safety, Ergonomics and Acquisition, Consumer Product Safety, among others.

These safety presentations should not be taken for granted because life can be put to danger if safety is neglected. Talking about physical safety, according to a data by The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), many lives are being lost and ruined by accidents at work. The institution also noted that in one recent year, there were 299,000 serious work accidents, with 233 deaths. All these in a single year and all these because of the lack of safety precautions.

The lack of safety is often blamed to a single person or a single group. However, accidents and other misfortunes happen due to continuous negligence of the company and its personnel. There may be cases wherein the employer, chief executive, line managers and/or employees had seen an arising problem but just put it aside. A problem, no matter how tiny it is, if ignored, can grow into a much bigger problem. It is a fact that if a problems goes bigger, the more difficult it is to solve.

As business personnel, no matter what position one has, should be aware of his duties in the company he is working in. A company which has personnel members who are not aware of their responsibilities in achieving safety can definitely not do their task in achieving it. As a working personnel of a business aiming for the total safety and satisfaction of the customers, one should have enough knowledge about risks that people may encounter even in ordinary business transactions. In addition to that, each one involved in a business should also understand the safety issues of the place or area one is servicing at. Lastly, each one should really have full commitment in executing safety precautions in the business.

As for the employers of a business, each one of them should set right safety standards that their personnel will follow. Safety strategy and even budgeting should be included in achieving this standard for safety. An employer should know that if he failed to execute safety precautions and because of this, an accident or loss happens, he could be punishable by the law.

As it is the employer’s legal duty to protect its workers, consumers and the public, he can also be prosecuted or issued a warning if the company he is operating have had departures from the established safety law and regulations. In worst case scenarios, if the employer’s negligence of executing safety had someone from the public, his workers, his consumers injured, harmed or killed, a case may be filed against the employer, leading him to court.

In addition to the issues the employer can face when safety is neglected, it should also be noted that the cost of expenses can also go up since he has to pay for fines and other legal costs, repair cost for damaged equipment and machine, hospital fines of the afflicted person or persons. In some cases, there is also a need for the employer to pay for extra wages or overtime pay of some workers. Most of all, when danger is present and it lead to accident, the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the company are, in one way or another, reduced. All these problems can be prevented if a business would be aware of safety through safety presentations or safety talks.

Safety talks

There are a variety of safety presentations available for each business. These presentations present, inform and motivate business owners and their workers to make safety one of their topmost priority. It is true that a business’ lifeline is its customers and workers. Without either of these people, a company will not thrive. As life is a very important concern for everyone, keeping everyone safe should also be a major concern.

With safety presentations, businesses can save the lives of their workers, customers and the public. Additionally, danger and risk can be kept into a minimum level; thus, reducing the high percentage of accidents. Among employees, keeping safety laws and precautions can boost their morale as workers as they would feel that the company is taking care of them.

Employees with boost morale would have improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Also, when a business or a company is getting safety right, it sends out a positive message to other businesses, customers and the public.

Safety is one of factors that should not be taken for granted by anyone involved in businesses. As businesses rely on its workers and customers, they have to make sure that they have proper and functional safety management team developing safety precautions and reports. Now, with this, they can ensure a more productive company where customers are truly satisfied.

Taylor Made Golf Newbie Tip: Choosing Your First Golf Club Set

Are you new to golf? If you’ve had the time, you would have probably noticed how there are so many different clubs to choose from. What’s a wood? How does it differ from a wedge? And why is the putter so different? This article aims to help you to pick and understand the differences between the various clubs.

A modern golf club set usually includes 3 woods, at least 1 hybrid, 7 irons, and a putter for a total of 12 clubs. Golf rules state that you are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in your bag, so most golfers take an extra hybrid or wedge with them. Each tool is important and has a specific job in reaching your goals.

One of the best-known brands available on the web is Taylor Made Golf. As with any other hobby, investment on good equipment is fundamental. However, it’s important for you to know the different options available for you, and which ones are the best for your specific tasks.


golfWoods are used when shooting at least 175 yards away from the green. These clubs are hollow-bodied and large-headed. There are 3 primary woods: the 1-driver, the 3, and the 5.

The 1-driver, also called a driver, has the lowest loft (angle of the club) among the three. It has an angle of between 7 to 12 degrees, allowing golfers to cause the ball to travel a longer trajectory. As beginners, you may want to use higher lofted drivers with 10 degrees angle or more, because this doesn’t require as much skill as lower lofted ones. Additionally, higher-lofted drivers give higher launch angles, resulting in farther ball drives.

The 3 wood has a 15-18 degree angle, and a 5 wood has a 20-22 degree loft. The higher the wood number, the higher the loft, and the shorter the club shaft length. Both 3 and 5 woods are called fairway woods, while all higher lofted woods are the utility woods. The club shaft length is shortened to decrease arc swing length and provide a longer distance to the shots.TaylorMade Golf recently introduced a mini-driver that aims to replace the 3 wood. It can give a long shot from the tee and from the fairway, effectively acting both as a driver and as a 3 wood.


Compared to woods, irons are better for shorter range shots. If you are 200 yards or closer to the green, higher irons should be used. Standard iron sets include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons plus the pitching wedge (PW). Lower irons are usually harder to hit. Many golfers, especially women and handicap players opt for 7 and 9 woods over 3 and 4 irons. Beginner golfers should also consider this option. Higher lofted woods are easier to hit than lower numbered irons, and both result in equal distances.


Hybrids are a combination of long shaft (low numbered) irons and fairway woods. Commonly called as the ‘best of both worlds,’ hybrids provide both long distance and high forgiveness. The main characteristic you should consider is loft, which is similar to wood lofts.


Simply put, wedges are special irons. The pitching wedge (PW) is the first wedge, having the highest lofted iron and the lowest lofted wedge in a standard set. There are 5 types of wedges: PW, approach wedge (AW), sand wedge (SW), lob wedge (LW), and high-lob wedge, increasing in 4 degree increments. The blade design of wedges enhances shot control and shaping, which are more important the closer you are to the green.


Taylor Made Golf was recently awarded at the PGA Professionals National Championships in Myrtle Beach as the #1 putter. The putter’s specialty is getting the ball in the hole. It is used when you’re in the greens and need to ‘putt for dough.’ There is a wide variety of putters available for different players, but in the aforementioned tournament, the Spider Putters by Taylor Made Golf were a favorite.


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Golf rules state that you are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in your bag, so most golfers take an extra hybrid or wedge with them. Each tool is important and has a specific job in reaching your goals.

The Ultimate Guides to Custom Label Pin

Custom label pins are remarkable items that are used to recognize achievement, as an appreciation for your employees, as an award and others. They are also used in fundraising events in church, school, organization and in other activities or promotions.

Custom Label PinLapel pins help you increase your company profit with less investment. Non-profit groups will appreciate how little an investment they need to get the huge returns that they want. If your company is always on a tight budget, giving away custom lapel pins is inexpensive way to market your products.

Hockey, baseball, softball and other sport teams proudly display their team pins, and most are willing to trade with anyone who will trade a pin back. When teams wear their trading pins, they feel proud. These pins help boost the team spirit of the players and their fans as well.

The Availability of Custom Label Pins

Lapel pins can be purchased in different styles, colors and sizes. They are usually used as awards, or to display which group you belong to. To make them unique and thus stand out, you can add different accessories to your lapel pins like spinners or danglers. Adding blinkers or glitter will make them more memorable to the user.

Trade show retailers usually use custom label pins to promote their products. When ordered in bulk, pins become a less costly giveaway item. Lapel pins normally last longer, thus your company will be remembered for many years to come. Why spend a lot on mailers and other marketing methods when, for about the cost of a stamp, you can give a freebie that the receiver can keep for many years?

Label Pin Accessories and Options


Blinker Pin Options

The blinker has small LED lights that blink. A small battery found at the pin’s backside powers the LEDs. The blinker has switch to turn on and off the lights to preserve power.

Collector Pin Bags

Retailers are now offering collector pin bags. Choose the company that offers the very best bags on the market, at the industry’s cheapest possible pricing. These collecting bags with premium quality are designed to last, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques that enable you to store up to 500 trading pins. Keep your valuable collections last longer by storing them in a collector pin bag. You can choose from red, blue and black.

Dangler Pin Options

The dangler trading pin is a two-piece pin connected by few small metal links. The vital part of the trading pin is the focus of the design while the dangler would support the main design or date. The baseball field with crossed bats in the background is the typical design. The name of the team and their mascot is also printed in the dangler. This could also be a glove, hanging or suspended from the bottom of the pin.

Glitter Pin Options

Glitters can be added on custom label pins and trading pins to provide the design that wow factor or extra pop. It is a shiny sparkly item that comes in different colors and while very attractive, it is a less costly alternative to the other moving pin options.

Slider Pin Options

The slider pins have a track or groove cut out from the main pin which enables a second smaller pin design to slide back and forth the groove. An ordinary baseball slider pin would have the baseball slide back and forth on the baseline or bat.

These pin accessories are offered online by most lapel pin retailers. If you prefer a specific accessory for your pins, make sure that you inform the retailer before making the final order.